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About Us

In 2013 on one of David Prinsloo's many trips through the Eastern Cape, he often noticed and witnessed the construction of the old traditional African Rondawels.
During this time he and his team were privileged to be a part of the of the upgrade and waterproofing projects at the Walter Sisulu University where they worked with and alongside the local Churches, Chiefs and Community.
It was during this time that he took the opportunity to speak to the local community there. After numerous lengthy discussions it was clearly told to him that they had difficulty designing and constructing the rondawels's roof support structure - as many of them were weak and collapsed in on themselves.
From these meetings, David took the concerns of the locals back to his office in Cape Town where he and his dedicated team worked on and the Eezi-Over Roof kits, making it quicker, safer, stronger, cheaper and more structurally secure way of building - and needless to mention, An Easier way to build a roof support structure.
The DIY kit design makes no use of a centre pole, allowing the occupants of the structure to utilize the entire floor space, and due to the structures design and strength, roof top living areas can be constructed keeping people safe off the ground away from any dangers or during flooding in the rainy seasons.
After launching the kits early in 2014, interest was clearly noted by the response from our own commercial and domestic market and received numerous enquiries on the kits - as far as making a 270m² Wedding venue in the Paarl area.
Today our Eezi-Over sales personnel have marketed the kits throughout Africa - Mining houses, domestic lapas, gazebo's, greenhouses including low-cost houses, with 2 sample kits going to the United States of America for further development.
David Prinsloo and his Eezi-Over team stives themselves with pride of being able to contribute their skills, experience and services making it possible in today's economic time for everyone to have a roof over their heads, as our slogan reads, "Roofing has never been easier".

Building a Rondawel  Eezi-Over DIY Roof Kit complete 3D