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For the first time ever a ventilated ceiling that can easily be installed! It traps heat, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Eezi-Over Temperature Control



Strong enough to support Mezzanine level accommodation and/or storage

No centre pole required but can support optional fireplace and flue or ventilator

Eezi-Over Roof Kit Chimney Flue





Eezi-Over Roof Kit 4-sided Structure


Eezi-Over Roof Kit 5-Sided Structure


Eezi-Over Roof Kit 6 Sided Structure


Eezi-Over 2 Roof Kits Structure


Eezi-Over 3 Roof Kits Structure

* Additional kits can be added to extend the structure almost indefinitely


 Eezi-Over 5 Roof Kits Structure



Eezi-Over Roofing Shape and Kit ExamplesEezi-Over Roofing Shape and Kit Example





  • 7,2m  in  Diameter
  • 400mm x 250mm Concrete Foundation – 23 lineal meters
  • Double Cavity Brick Wall with 150mm wide Brick Force every 3rd row and every row for the last 3 rows
  • 3  x  1,2 x 1,2m fully Glazed Epoxy Coated Aluminium Windows
  • 1  x  Complete solid Meranti Exterior Door, Frame and all necessary Fittings
  • 100mm Concrete floor on 300 Micron Plastic to the full floor area and 25mm cement screed
  • Eezi-Over 6 sided 125mm Ø Gum Pole Kit
  •  6  x  3,6m by 125mm Ø machined Gum Poles – Secured to wall by Hoop Iron
  • 6  x  9,14m by 2,4mm x 20 x 50 x 75mm TRC Steel Purlins
  • Complete roof consisting of
  • 0,53mm Galvanized Steel Corrugated Profile Roof Sheets  610mm
  • 12  x  3,75m   /   12  x  2,75m   /   12  x  1,53m
  • 10 x 2,4m long lengths of Standard 462mm Girth Roll Top Ridges
  • 300 x 65mm Possi Drive Screws and Bonded Washers
  • Complete Insulated Ceiling – 25mm thick Isoboard / Isopine (knotty Pine finish)
  • All walls painted both inside and outside
  • NO Plumbing
  • NO Electrical
  • NO Internal Walls



South African Prices Ruling as at April 2018

South African Prices Ruling as at April 2018



  • The supplied rim is a standard steel Opel corsa bakkie rim ; Description – wheel ASM55114 part No 936 08167 (supplied in the kit)
  • The Erection Procedure is as per the 400mm x 400mm Pictorial Assembly Insert that is to be found in both the 150 x 50mm beam kit and the 120mm Ø gum pole kit and has been specifically designed to accommodate literacy and language constraints. Both beam and pole erection procedures are exactly the same
  • Both the beam and pole ‘brackets’ are made of 5mm thick steel plate – lazer cut, as per the 5 fully dimensioned Engineering drawings, then bent to exacting standards by a Specialist Engineering Company and thereafter electro-plated by other Specialists
  • The brackets for both the Beam (150mm x 150mm) and the Pole Kits (120mm – 150mm Ø) have been designed so as not to function should smaller dimensioned beams or timbers be used
  • The brackets have been designed to snugly fit the supplied steel rim AND very importantly automatically set the ‘pitch’ of the roofing timbers/poles at a fixed – downward sloping – angle of ± 26° thus ensuring that the ‘roof’ cannot have too shallow a pitch, thereby reducing run-off and structural problems
  • All other items and parts - as per the list of Contents (on the exterior of the box and the ‘disc’),such as spanners / bolts / washers / nuts / timber fix screws / 12 mm galvanized high tensile threaded bar / 6mm braided steel cable / turn-buckle and cable clamps are contained in the kit, and are all produced by and purchased from reputable Engineering Supply Companies thus ensuring consistent quality and safety standards
  • The packaging consists of a white double walled outer cardboard box and printed as per the attached exterior print proofs and labelled with 2 x Eezi-over Trademarked logo stickers and double strapped, with the following single walled brown cardboard boxes contained therein :
a single walled rim box
a single walled bracket,threaded bar and cable box
a single walled small-parts box, so as to eliminate any potential loss of small parts, and to facilitate ease of assembly in rural and remote type situations
a large round disc with the Table of Contents on the one side and the ‘angles’ for the 4 / 5 and 6 sided options marked out on the disc so as to eliminate incorrect geometric angles being used
a numbered, well depicted, logically sequenced,400 x 400mm pictorial assembly instruction sheet accommodating various degrees of language, literacy and eye sight constraints
  • No general, transport or personal safety issues are envisaged due to the extensive packaging and double strapping of the kit; No special storage or transportation requirements are required as all the parts are almost indestructible and, as explained above, are heavily protected and packaged thereby accommodating the potentially rough handling and transport to the intended rural application site
  • As adequately shown and communicated on the exterior of the kits packaging, the disc and the pictorial assembly instruction, the 4, 5 and 6 sided single kit structures are limited to 3,6m long beams OR poles, and further restricted by the supplied single length of 23m long 6mm thick steel braided cable, which will not allow any significantly longer beams or poles to be used, thereby limiting the structure to the specified  maximum diameter of± 7,2m
  • The kits are not recommended or designed for roofing using standard cement roof tiles or 300mm thick thatch, mainly due to the advertised fact that the underside of the roof can be used for accommodation / storage and might become overloaded
  • The proposed chimney flue, as depicted in the video, does not come anywhere near the roofing timbers and therefore it is almost impossible to catch fire due to heat transfer / conduction
  • The interior rim design and holes will also act as a ‘spark arrestor’ thereby greatly reducing any fire risk and also serve as a ventilator / heat extractor



    • A brand new Quality Certified high grade steel bakkie wheel rim is supplied – eliminating weaker, inferior, damaged or stolen rims, being used
    • Professional quality spanners and tools to insert the exact number of fasteners as per the bracket holes and cable fasteners,are supplied thereby eliminating any assembly confusion
    • The Assembly procedure and kit has been designed so that no expensive Specialist tools are required thereby eliminating the need for any drilling / grinding and welding, ensuring assembly compliance even in rural and non electrified areas
    • Both the beam and gum pole brackets have been designed so as to only function with the supplied rim and minimum specified beam sizes and pole diameters. The brackets simply do not function with any smaller beam sizes or pole diameters, and therefore Guarantees a minimum structural strength far exceeding the recommended and stated potential use requirements
    • The brackets have also been designed to set themselves at a ± 26° pitch, ensuring adequate and rapid rain drainage and a measure of structural strength
    • The structure – using the specified 150 x 50mm pine beams having a cross section of 7 500mm²has comfortably been load tested in our workshop to 1300kgs and is far weaker than the specified 125mm Ø gum poles having a cross section of 12 276mm² - equating to a theoretical load test of 2 126kgs for the gum pole structure
    • As can be seen in the video, the single elongated structure, very comfortably, supported 9 staff members
    • As can also be seen in the video the miniature model (for show display purposes) comfortably supported a 2,5l Ford Ranger Double Cab Diesel Bakkie
    • The 6mm braided steel cable, combined with the 6 cable clamps, turnbuckle and the strength and design of the cables ‘nonslip’ end brackets, far exceeds the outward displacement expected by the anticipated and advertised potential uses
    • The 6mm braided steel cable once tightened with the supplied turnbuckle will also prevent any outward displacement or ‘collapse’ of the roof structure
    • The end Brackets are also designed in such a way that the cable becomes tighter the greater the load and therefore cannot slip out of place


    • The 75mm x 12mm bolt below the beam / pole acts as a ‘safety stop’ in the almost impossible situation of the top brackets 6 x 120mm x 6mm Ø wood possi drive screws all failing
    • The bottom brackets possi drive screws are almost redundant and therefore act as an additional safety feature complimenting the 12mm thick high tensile threaded bar clamping the top and bottom end brackets together
    • The end brackets - cable ‘locking screw’ prevents the cable slipping out of place under ‘no-load’ conditions
    • In summary, for the erected to Specification Structure to collapse in on itself, all of the following built-in safety features would have to fail :


    • the brackets would have to shear through the rim
    • the 12mm Ø high tensile threaded bar would have to fail
    • all of the top brackets 6 x 120mm x 6mm wood possi drive screws would have to either pull out or fail
    • the 6mm braided cable would have to snap
    • the ‘safety bolt’ on the bottom bracket would have to shear



    Given the number of safety features, the number of fasteners, the strength of the brackets, the fact that the brackets do not function with smaller timbers, the detailed simplicity and visual size of the assembly instruction pamphlet and the fact that the fasteners, tools and cable cannot easily be used for other purposes, it is my opinion that structural failure is almost impossible under the envisaged uses