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SOUTH AFRICAN ROOF KIT - Eezi-Over Roofing Structure Kit (for Wooden Beams)

Eezi-Over Roofing

  • R 8,250.00

The EEZI-OVER ROOF STRUCTURE KIT is a complete DIY roof structure kit, containing everything needed to erect the roof structure, excluding the poles. Please be aware that we do not build these structures for you, the kit comes with instructions and has been designed in such a way that anyone can put it together. A single kit supports multiple shapes.



  • 4,5 & 6 Sided Bracket Layout (x1)
  • Assembly Instruction Leaflet (x1)
  • 14 inch Steel Rim (x1)
  • Top Brackets - 330mm (x6)
  • Bottom Brackets - 300mm (x6)
  • End Brackets (x6)
  • 19mm Spanner (x1)
  • 10mm Spanner (x1)
  • 8mm Spanner (x1)
  • Threaded Bar - 250mm (x6)
  • Bolts- 75mm / 125mm (x6)
  • Self Drilling Screws - 115mm (x66)
  • Possi Drive Bit (x1)
  • Self Drilling Screws - 38mm (x24)
  • Spring Washers (x6)
  • Washers (x12)
  • Nuts (x18)
  • 23m x6mm Cable (x1)
  • Cable Clamps (x6)
  • Turn Buckle (x1)



- 40cm X 40xm X 40cm

- Approx. 37KG's

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